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Multi-talented musical and digital content creator Sawan Dutta is best known for her award winning, Song Blog, The Metronome.
Her work  as composer, music-director, music producer and singer-songwriter for Bollywood films, TV, documentary, theatre, commercials and  albums spans a formidable range.
Sawan is based in Mumbai / Bangalore India. 
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The Metronome is Sawan's Song Blog featuring her original songs about Food, Recipes, Travel, Current Events,  with supporting videos created by Sawan and her partner C B Arun Kumar.

The Metronome has been winning a steady stream of  Awards and Laurels at festivals like Cannes Silk Road Film Awards, Cannes World Film Festival, Singapore World Film Carnival, Europe Film Festival UK, International Music Video Awards London and Munic Music Video Awards. 

It hosts what is possibly the World's ONLY Recipe Song Collection of its kind.

Its many Viral Hits include Macher Jhol, Kosha Mangsho, Ode to Boroline, Mutta Roast, The Pet Pujo Songs, and the Covid Hand Washing Song. 
This unique platform aims to seamlessly blur the line between Digital Entertainment and Commercial / Social Branding in a  transparent, efficient and cost-effective format. 


Sawan's commercial work spans songs and background scores for Bollywood feature films, theme and episode music for TV shows of every genre, documentary scores, commercial ads, jingles and anthems, non film albums and singles, soundtracks  and soundscapes for theatre, installations and luxury hotels.
The Metronome, with its unusual potpourri of humour, music and storytelling, along with the World's First Ever Recipe Song Collection, has received an incredible amount of spontaneous love and support from the Media. Since Macher Jhol went viral, Sawan and her Song Blog have appeared on Covers, Front Page Mastheads and Headlines, in  News and Entertainment stories, in features, controversies, interviews and blogs on some of the most respected and widely followed  TV Channels, newspapers, magazines and digital portals.   The generous, enthusiastic and wide variety of coverage from the Media has been instrumental in establishing The Metronome as a notable presence in the digital space.


With its unique combination of highly relatable content and catchy tunes, The Metronome is strategically positioned to partner with Brands, Products and Services, delivering their message right into the hearts and homes of consumers. The Products are integrated seamlessly into the songs, making the brand message subliminally a part of every home where someone's singing a Metronome song, or learning to cook from a Metronome Recipe Vlog
With a viewership of 1.9 million and growing on YouTube alone, and audiences across the globe ranging from 4 year olds to senior citizens, The Metronome vlogs reach every corner of the world within minutes of a Post being uploaded, thanks to its immense popularity across global sharing platforms such as Whatsapp, making The Metronome one of the most powerful Marketing Tools in the digital space!