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Multi-talented musician and digital content creator Sawan Dutta is best known for her award winning, Song Blog, The Metronome.
Her work  as composer, music-director, music producer and singer-songwriter for Bollywood films, TV, documentary, theatre, commercials and  albums spans a formidable range.
Sawan is based in Mumbai / Bangalore India. 


Sawan has created music and songs for Bollywood feature films, documentary films, TV shows of every genre,  commercial ads, jingles and anthems, non film albums, theatre soundtracks  and soundscapes for installations and luxury hotels.
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The Metronome is Sawan's Song Blog featuring her original song vlogs about Food, Recipes, Travel, Current Events. It hosts what is possibly the World's ONLY Recipe Song Collection of its kind.

The Metronome Song Vlogs, created by Sawan and her partner, C B Arun Kumar, have been winning a steady stream of  Awards and Laurels at Film and Music festivals around the world, and many of them have been huge viral hits


The Metronome has been collaborating with some of India's most well known Brands to create some memorable and iconic viral content 

With a viewership of 4 million and growing on YouTube alone, the Metronome vlogs reach every corner of the world within minutes of being uploaded, thanks to their immense popularity across platforms such as Whatsapp, making The Metronome one of the most powerful organic marketing tools in the digital space! 
The Metronome, with its pathbreaking content, has received an incredible amount of spontaneous love and support from the Media,  featured on Covers,  Mastheads and Headlines, in  News and Entertainment stories, in  controversies, interviews and blogs across TV Channels, newspapers, magazines and digital portals.   
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