As The Metronome enters its third exciting year, Bengali Aunty starts her new micro vlog, Bengali Aunty's Diary, in which she sings her way through her travels and adventures around the world, recording them in this series of micro vlogs on a weekly basis, in chronological order. 

This trailer offers glimpses of what's to come in the next few weeks. 


Episode 01, FLIGHT MODE starts with Bengali Aunty boarding her flight and taking off! 

Episode 02, IN TRANSIT has Bengali Aunty enumerate the pros and cons of waiting for a connecting flight at Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, 

Episode 03, HOTEL BATHROOM sees Bengali Aunty perform her most important task on arriving at her destination - check out the Hotel Bathroom, and enlist its pros and cons...

Episode 04, BLACK PUDDING AND HAGGIS has Bengali Aunty checking out the local Scottish Fayre in Edinburgh - and what better way to start than with these two very Scottish dishes? 

Episode 05, HARRY POTTER'S BIRTHPLACE is where Bengali Aunty visits The Elephant House Cafe, to see where a depressed and struggling J K Rowling used to sit and write her first few Harry Potter manuscripts, some of it, supposedly on the cafe napkins! She also goes exploring the 16th century graveyard, Greyfriar's Kirkyard, that is visible from the window she used to sit by, to make some surreal discoveries!

Episode 06, THE ORIGINAL HOGWARTS : Bengali Aunty checks out the 17th century Edinburgh school with four Towers and four Houses, that is supposed to have inspired Hogwarts. The school shares a wall with Greyfriar's Kirkyard. 

Episode 07, SCOTCH IN SCOTLAND : The one in which Bengali Aunty checks out the highest distillery in Scotland and goes on a tasting tour of one of the classic malts of Scotland! 

Episode 08, TRAVELLING BY TRAIN : Bengali Aunty embarks upon a railway journey through the stunningly picturesque Scottish Highlands, through snow clad mountains, lochs and forests, through sun and snow...

Episode 09, SNOWFALL features Bengali Aunty experiencing her first ever snowfall in a wooden cabin in the Cairngorm National Park in the Scottish Highlands - a magical episode for her!

Episode 10, LOCH NESS & URQUHART CASTLE, a picturesque setting that Bengali Aunty goes exploring, to soak in some history and maybe get lucky with a Nessie sighting!

Episode 11. LOCH AN EILEIN - a half frozen lake hidden in the Rothiemurchus Forest in the Scottish Highlands, that Bengali Aunty treks to, encountering streams, icicile sculptures and highland ponies on the way.

Episode 12. CAIRNGORM MOUNTAN - Bengali Aunty takes the Funicular Railway up the snow covered Cairngorm Mountain, to find a fierce blizzard raging at the vieweing terrace on top!

Episode 13. LOCH MORLICH - Bengali Aunty's had enough of snow and blizzards! She treks through the Cairngorm National Park to Loch Morlich, a sparkling blue loch at the foot of the Cairngorm Mountains, whose sandy beaches hide traces of WWII...

Episode 14. SUSTENANCE - While exploring Scotland and the UK what does Bengali Aunty do for her day to day sustenance? What new local food and beverages does she check out? Watch to find out :)

Episode 15. SIGHTSEEING IN LONDON  - Bengali Aunty is in London and must check out some of the historical hotspots. What does her opinionated, judgmental brain make of all that she sees ?

Episode 16. EXPLORING LONDON DEEPER - is what Bengali Aunty sets out to do in this one, first soaking in the atmosphere at 221B Baker street, the home of Sherlock Holmes, and then catching an impromptu busking gig in the London Underground, after taking a train from the oldest tube line at Paddington Station.


Episode 17. HYDE PARK - the concluding episode of this current season of Bengali Aunty's Travel Diary, where she takes a walk along the Serpentine lake in London's Hyde Park, and interacts with its natural residents!