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13th MAY, 2016


When I made my Ode to Boroline, four weeks ago, I had no idea it would get the kind of reception it did, and go viral! Since then, not a day goes by when I don't get a gleeful message from somebody or the other, who has just stumbled upon it through a friend's post or an aquaintance's whatsapp message. I've been getting an endless stream of requests from viewers and subscribers to my song vlog on YouTube, wanting to see more of the Boroline character. So this song and video is specially for them! :) 


The idea for this song came from a friend's comment on the Boroline song, about monkey caps and Bengalis. And from a hilarious picture that another friend and fellow Game of Thrones watcher found on the net, of a White Walker advertising Boroline, which was created, as I subsequently discovered, by a fellow musician, Arnab Chakraborty!


These of course brought back many childhood memories around the fascinating sensitivity that many Bengalis seem to display towards the slightest dip in temperatures, and the extremes they often go to, to brace themselves against dipping mercury levels ; to reinforce their delicate constitutions against all the dangers that winter brings with it. 





Have you got the woollen socks? 

Vitamin in tiffin box? 

Lagavulin on the rocks? 


The temperature is falling, it will get cold

Winter is coming, on TV they have told

The temperature is falling, I feel so cold

My monkey cap is calling, am I growing old?


I want to go walking

With glove and with stocking

But weather is shocking!

How I will go? 

The wind makes me shiver

The cold gives me fever

My nose flows like a river

Where I shall go? 


I feel so ill, I have caught the cold

Winter is coming, on TV they have told

I feel the chill but I will beat the cold

By watching Whitewalker with Johny Walker Gold







1) I learnt how to sneeze voluntarily on cam! :) 

2) My first song and video made as a direct response to requests from my viewers and subscribers! 





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