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The Metronome is the FIRST and perhaps the ONLY Influencer digital platform of its kind in the world, combining catchy original songs,  storytelling and commercial branding within a single power packed vlog post. 
The Metronome takes Brands beyond "advertising" right into the hearts and homes of its viewers and fans. The products become a part of every home where a Metronome Song is being sung or where someone is learning to cook watching a Metronome Recipe Vlog.



The Metronome has a viewership of 1.9 million and growing on YouTube alone, not counting other platforms - with audiences across the globe ranging from 4 year olds to senior citizens
The Metronome Vlogs reach every corner of the world within minutes of a Post being uploaded, thanks to its immense popularity across global sharing platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + etc making The Metronome one of the most powerful Influencers and Marketing Tools in the digital space! 
Would you like to feature and showcase your Brand / Product / Service at The Metronome - in one or more Vlog Posts, sharable across all social media platforms? 
Would you like to have a customised original song or a series of Vlog Posts created specially for your Brand, Product or Service? 
Would you like to come on board as a Sponsor - for the entire Song Blog, for a sub section that relates to your Brand ( such as Recipes ), for a single post or a part-post?  
Contact us to learn more about the different innovative options available. Or to create a customised solution that works for your specific requirements, timelines and budgets. 

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