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14th April 2016


So today's Pohela Boishakh / Nobo Borsho or New Years Day for Bengali communities across India, Bangladesh and everywhere in the world. Its the first day of the Bengali Caldender, and this year would mark the beginning of the year 1422 for the Bengali Era, which was started by King Shoshanko in the year 594 of the Gregorian calendar. 


As a Prabashi non resident Bengali who's never lived in Bengal, there are a few things i've learnt to associate with the essence of being a bengali - things scattered through my growing years, introduced to me by my parents, grandparents or greatgrandparents. The creamy sweetness of mishti doi, the cloying smell of Keo Karpin hair oil, the inimitable tangy taste of Hojmi Guli ( miniscule tamarind balls mixed with exotic spices ), the sound of conch shells( shaankh ) blowing during evening prayers , the smoky intoxicating incense of dhuno mixed with the deafening sound of dhak drummers in puja pandals.....and that all purpose herbal cream, Boroline, which we were taught to turn to for a baffling array of discomforts and ailments! 


There is something about the sight and smell of Boroline that is strangely reassuring to me still, after all these years - and I'm almost embarrassed to say that I still use it at the drop of a hat, along with all the other global mega brands,  irrespective of whether its actually helping or not. 




Is your skin feeling dry? 

Does your complexion make you cry? 

Then you must definitely try....

Boroline, boroline

Is good for my skin

Boroline is the cream

For my kith and kin

I put on my lip, my cheek and my chin

Boroline is more effective any day than Vaseline

If you have got mosquito bite, 

Or if you hurt yourself in a fight

If you have got a boil on your bum

Choose coorrect treatment, do not be dumb

Boroline, boroline

The balm for my skin

I always have extra in my biscuit tin

I rub on my leg, my elbow and shin

Boroline is the dream cream for my kith and kin


Needless to say, this is NOT a commercial advertisement or a jingle, but just me showing my love for a product that I'm rather sentimental about, because it connects me to millions who speak my mother tongue, right across the world! 







1) My first vlog post handled entirely by me, including shooting, props, all of it. 


2) My first attempt at trying out this new style of singing! :) 



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