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11th October, 2016


There's something so primal, so sacred, so ancient about our Puja festivities. Even a non practising non religious person like me looks forward to the Dhak drummers and the smell and smoke of Dhuno in the air, the monotonous chanting of the priests, the varied, artistic decor of different Pujo pandals, and of course, the food stalls selling all manners of Bengali snacks! 

I never fail to buy myself a paper cone of Jhalmuri whenever and wherever I encounter it! My Bengali genetics come to the fore at the first whiff of strong pure mustard oil - used in its raw form in Jhalmuri. And Mahindra's Nupro Virgin Kachchi Ghani is about as amazing and khaanti a mustard oil as i've come across, in a long long time! 

So here's a Jhalmuri recipe song, sung out to the accompaniment of my favourite Pujo sound - the ancient, timeless sound of the Dhak and its accompanying metallic plate. 


Song written, composed, produced, performed by Sawan Dutta

Video produced by CB Arun Kumar and Sawan Dutta, shot by CB, edited by Sawan

Shot on location at the Lokhandwala and Tulip Star Juhu Pujo Pandals 


Jhal jhal jhal jhal jhalmuri

My favourite pujo snack, jhalmuri

How to make, how to make jhalmuri

Jhal jhal jhal jhal jhalmuri

Kurmura, muri or puffed rice ( 2 cups )

A little bit of sev makes its taste nice ( 1 cup )

Chop chop chop onion ( 1 small ) , cucumber ( 1 small ), 

Chop chop green chilly and coriander ( to taste )

Boil, boil, boil and cut potato ( 1 small )

Chop chop chop chop chop chop chop tomato ( 1 small )

Black salt ( 1tsp ), roasted cumin powder ( 2 tsp )

Chaat masala ( 1 tsp ) and red chilli powder ( 1/2 tsp )

We want we want jhalmuri

Jhal jhal jhal jhal jhalmuri

Spicy, tasty, crunchy jhalmuri

Jhal, jhal, jhal, jhal jhalmuri

We also want some roasted peanuts ( 1 cup, with skin, crushed roughly )

And very thin slices of fresh coconut

Raw mustard oil to add the magic smell ( 2 tbsp )

Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix it all up well

Take an old newspaper, make a paper cone

Use it to serve the jhalmuri as shown

Jhal jhal jhal jhal jhalmuri

Mouthwatering mindblowing jhalmuri

My favourite pujo snack jhalmuri

Jhal jhal jhal jhal jhalmuri 




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