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TRUTH / times music 

featuring amaan and ayaan ali khan on sarod and vocals

  • This was Sawan's second album with Amaan and Ayaan as music producer, following the huge success and popularity of "Reincarnation."
  • "Truth" is infused with an aura of spirituality and mysticism through its moving lyrics in praise of the Almighty and the Seers written by Madan Gopal Singh, veteran Indian poet, lyricist and screenwriter.
  • The biggest surprise on this album is the title track, Truth, which, along with Amaan and Ayaan, features for the very first time, their father Ustad Amjad Ali Khan as well as their mother, Subhalakshmi Khan, on vocals.
based on an evening raga, BAGESHWARI, this track is a new age prayer to the khwaja, to come and bless our courtyard with his presence. 



"It was a magical evening in the studio - my first experience of hearing Ustad Amjad Ali Khan sing,  listening to his mesmerising voice bring alive LALIT DHWANI,  a raga created by him, and watching Amaan and Ayaan persuade their lovely reluctant mom to join them in singing this beautiful composition. 
I've tried to produce the track with the reverence the song demands. "
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