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KOLKATA UNDERGROUND / saregama india ltd. 

featuring various bands performing their own songs

Sawan worked on Kolkata Underground as Executive Producer, in collaboration with Atul Churamani and Shatadru Sarkar from Saregama India Ltd. The album was produced at the historic HMV studio at Dumdum, Kolkata. 
1) "Bhor" - Jack Rabbit
2) "Don't You Worry" - Span
3) "Parallel Universe" - Insomnia
4) "Ishaara" - Yatakas
5) "Only For A While" - Cassini's Division
6) "In Memory Of" - The Supersonics
7) "O Shomoy" - Alienz
8) "Plasticine" - Crystal Grass
9) "The Fakir" - Class Apart
10) "Shurer Shandhaney" - Urban Reflections 
"It was fun working with ten different and creative bands, all of them unique in their own ways, all of them different from one another.
It was challenging working with musicians with different levels of talent and preparedness, different personalities and different work ethics. 
It was exciting working in a studio which traces its origins back to the history of the gramophone recording in India, has unexpected relics like Satyajit Ray's locked up piano casually strewn around, and is probably haunted by ghosts from the British era when the property housed a hospital where soldiers injured in the second world war were brought and treated."
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